Finding Guitar Lessons in Chicago

nice guitarIf you need guitar lessons in Chicago then you shouldn’t find it too difficult. Obviously you can learn at home through various courses and online websites that give detailed instructions but sometimes it is best to have someone show you in person exactly what you should be doing.

When that is the case you should look for a guitar tutor who can help you. Many places have guitar classes where you can join other guitarists and learn as a class. But you can also get one-on-one personal lessons too. It’s just a case of looking around and see who is available.

If you have any particular songs you want to play then that can help too. Maybe you want Sweet Child o Mine chords by Guns N Roses or even Fix You Chords by Coldplay. Whatever you choose, try and pick easy songs to play, especially if you are just starting out.

You could visit one of the many guitar studios such as Village Guitar Studio or Third Coast Guitar Studio and ask them whether they know any guitarists who would be willing to give personal lessons. Quite often it is possible to find a professional guitarist who would give you lessons at a fraction of the cost of a normal guitar tutor. This is because they enjoy what they do and would love to teach other people too.

Another popular place in Chicago for guitar lessons is Drew Krag Guitar Lessons. They can help you to learn guitar in no time at all. Alternatively you can check out Gallagher School of Guitar and Drums who are situated on W Montrose Ave and have good reviews from people who have learned guitar there.

Twitt Tab has some really good guitar chords too with useful videos so you can see how the chords are played.

How To Choose The Best Acoustic Guitar

Choosing the right guitar can be challenging especially to new and inexperienced guitar enthusiasts. A guitar comprises of many features and they must all work in harmony to produce pleasant sounds. The following tips can aid buyers when choosing the best acoustic guitar:


On arrival at the guitar store, sellers expect buyers to test the guitars before they buy. Therefore, there is no reason to panic. From the many guitars in the store, assess them one by one and try them out to get the instrument that feels right. Play some chords and strap the guitar to make sure it is convenient. Select the great guitar based on the quality of sound it produces.


Choose a guitar that fits your style and personal preference. The market has many types of guitars and in different models. Ensure that the guitar takes to your personality so that you can play it confidently in public.


Consider the size and weight of the guitar before picking it up. If the guitar does not fit perfectly, it will only cause discomfort when playing. On the other hand, selecting a guitar whose weight that your arms cannot handle, it will frustrate you. In case you cannot find a guitar that suits your size, you can acquire a custom-made guitar specially made for you.


Regardless of how the guitar looks, you should not pay more that its value. Different stores sell guitars at different prices and you can use that competition to get the best bargain. On the other hand, desist from focusing too much on cheap guitars because a cheap guitar may not last long and its sound quality may not reach the standards you like. Therefore, go for a guitar that combines quality with value. Choose a good guitar today and enjoy playing. Check out this resonator guitar store for more information.

Learning to Play TV Theme Tunes

theme tuneThere’s nothing like showing off to your friends by learning popular TV tunes and famous songs. That’s why guitar chords and tabs are some of the hottest searches online at the moment. People just love to copy these great songs and play them for their friends.

There are some great tunes around at the moment and some people watch shameless online just to listen to the opening and end credits. Others who prefer things a bit deeper will see Heisenberg Breaking Bad as a character that always has good music when he appears on screen. The music is always deep and dark to suit his character in the show.

Many TV theme tunes are composed especially for the show. But occasionally you do get famous bands and singers performing the theme tunes. Take James Bond, which has had a whole host of famous singers such as Adele and Shirley Basset singing the tune.

Whatever you decide to play, we hope you can do it with ease and don’t have too much trouble learning how to play it. Just remember to take your time and don’t get frustrated if it seems too difficult. Practice will always make perfect and you’ll be a great guitarist in no time at all!